Introduction of Powerlong Museum

Shanghai Powerlong Museum (“the Museum) is founded based on the vision, Promote traditional Chinese culture and stimulate Chinese contemporary art, given by Mr. Xu Jiankang, Chairman of the Powerlong Group. The Museum, established as a comprehensive one, is devoted to modern and contemporary art. Its mission is to guide the public to appreciate the art, to cultivate their aesthetic consciousness, to establish a higher spirit. As a non-profit private museum, Shanghai Powerlong Museum focus on organizing art exhibitions, academic events, mass education activities, etc. These programs shall reveal the Museum as the best platform for cultural exchange and communication.

Located in Minhang district, at the Northeast corner of Caobao Road and Xinzhen Road junction, the Museum has a gross area of 23,000 m2. There are ten galleries size from 500 m2 to 1100m2. Three gallery halls are designed for long-term exhibition which systematically display the masterpieces from different artists, genres over the past century. Galleries are equipped with constant temperature and humidity air conditioning system, also have ceiling height at 5 to 9 meters for contemporary art presentation. Moreover, there are theater which can serve around two hundred audiences and multi-functional room for hosting distinctive salons, meetings and academic events.

Not only establishing the modern and contemporary Chinese art system, the Museum also has great insight into international exhibitions. Through building an artistic stage where tradition and modernity, the East and the West culture shall communicate, promoting the interaction between domestic and foreign artists and institutions, can the museum become the cultural and artistic exchange platform in China.

10 exhibition halls varying in sizes from 500-1100m2, 3 of them are dedicated for precious collections

exhibitions. 4 exhibition halls meet the international museum standards of constant temperature and

humidity. There is also a hall with height up to 5-9m for contemporary art exhibition.

Able to accommodate around 200 audiences, suitable for mini shows, academic meetings and events. 
Mini theaters are open for forums, symposia, mass education events and workshops.


    Theater Muti-function Room           

By designing and making artistic derivatives, the Museum open a door to beauty for audiences through collecting art products. The restaurant is devoted itself into combining food with art, via all sorts of delicate course. You also can feel the light breeze along with the lovely flavor of coffee and snack.




Art Restaurant


Art Store

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