The Founder of Powerlong Museum

Mr. Xu Jiankang

Chairman of Board of Directors of Powerlong Group | Member of the Standing

Committee of CPPCC | Member of Selection Committee of Macao SAR | Founding

Chairman of Fujian General Association of Macao | Vice Chairman of Fujian Provincial

Federation of Overseas Chinese | Chairman of Fujian Association of Overseas

Chinese Merchants


Mr. Xu Jiankang, the renowned patriotic entrepreneur of Macau, established the Powerlong Group in 1990. With its mission of contributing to the urban prosperity and creating new values, Powerlong expanded and diversified into different sectors including real estate, commerce, hotel, culture and arts. Its total assets have exceeded 100 billion yuan, with over 10,000 employees actively working in more than 200 branches domestically and abroad. Mr. Xu takes active part in political and governmental affairs.

Besides his great business achievement, Xu has a strong social responsibility and devotes himself into charity fields. With the accumulated donations of over 700 million yuan, Xu and Powerlongs philanthropy have been well recognized by the public. Xu has been receiving various honors and awards such as the Most Influential Entrepreneurs in China,Award of Special Contribution to Chinese Charity , Top 10 Figures of Enterprise Reform in China, Contributors to Chinese Real Estate Brands in China,Yearly Figures of Commercial Property in China, Top 30 Role models of Chinese economy  30 years since Reform and Opening up policy, etc.

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