Current Exhibitions

Joyful Reunion!Florentijn Hofman Solo Exhibition

Hofman aims to emphasize the importance of “celebration”as a human need, by creating an imaginary sentimental world that are filled with victory and joy. Celebrations can unite communities and strengthen connection which gives people a sense of belonging. In the post-pandemic era, Hofman’s artworks serves as a reminder to us despite the challenges we face, we can always cross cultural and geographical boundaries, and reunite in joy.

Shucang’s Collection

The exhibition Hall 1 of Powerlong Art Museum is known for its ascending circular passage which create an immersive and innovative viewing experience for the audience. The hall displays numerous representative works of renowned Chinese and contemporary artists.
The Shucang’s collection is a permanent exhibition at the Powerlong Museum, showcasing the exquisite art collection from the Xu Jiankang family to the public. Permanent exhibition is a continuous, ceaselessly process of improvement, with the hope that society, artists and ourselves can work together to pass it on from generation to generation. Our goal is to develop the Powerlong Museum as a platform that embodies cultural confidence, represents the era, and serves as a hub for cultural and artistic exchanges that represent the C
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