Long-term Exhibition - SHUCANG’s Collection

SHUCANG’s Collection is a long-term exhibition of Powerlong Museum, showing Xu’s Family’s precious calligraphic and painting collection to the general public. SHUCANG’s Collection is named by Mr. Xu Jiankang in honor of his father Mr. Xu Shucang. All theworks are collected under this name .Most pieces of SHUCANG’s Collection are modern and contemporary calligraphies and paintings. From these, some pieces are selected to be shown in the long-term exhibition.

The spiral hall shows the precious pieces in small scale. Other halls are divided into zones, such as Shanghai School, Beijing-Tianjin School, Jinling School, Lingnan School, Chang'an School, Calligraphies Zone and Gu Mu’s Choices. Quite a number of these works exhibited are masterpieces of representative artists of all regions and schools in

China over the past century.Mr. Xu Jiankang selected every single work to be exhibited. His choices reflect the

profound Chinese culture and the inherent national spirit. By built the museum and constantly displaying his family collection and revitalizes these precious artworks, Mr. Xu would love to share the exquisiteness of Chinese calligraphy and paintings with more people. The exhibition is the practice of Mr. Xu promoting essence of Chinese culture, as

well as benefiting the society and future generations. Long-term exhibition is an on-going process of perfection. With the help of artists and the public, we would like to see the exhibition last through generations. We would also like to make Powerlong Museum a platform that presenting the essence of an era, as well as the window of cross-cultural communications.





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